Beyond Good and Evil 2




  • Sooo, monkey protagonist?

  • CG trailer, still don't believe the game is real.

  • edited June 2017

    No way. Nooo way.... This-- I can't--- Am I dreaming?
    Welp. Time to hear about it and then not hear about it for another 8 years.

    By the way.. Did they really just change the Rating from T to M for this one? All that language! Savage!
    I don't think it needed that "Mature" bump up just to be edgy and cool. I don't mind it, but I didn't expect it.. that's all.

    EDIT: Okay, I'm not extremely hyped about this game (though I can see the youtube comments sure are), as I didn't like the original as much as other people did. But, still cool nonetheless. I thought this game would never come out.

  • Boobies.

  • Their website, guess they're serious about releasing this game

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