Your Unique Vault Hunter?

If you could create your own Vault Hunter from scratch, what would they be like?

For those that are really in-depth with this kind of thing you will find a list I have compiled of different aspects of your vault hunter to reply with, but for those that aren't really into it you can skim over it and choose the ones you want to share or you can skip to the very bottom to find a tl;dr version. You can make your Vault Hunter as detailed as you like, no pressure, just have fun with it and let your mind run wild!


Every vault hunter needs a name! Or maybe they don't, they could be anonymous for all I know! It could be a name that your character chose, a name that you adopted from nicknames that people gave your character after hearing of your Vault Hunting exploits across Pandora, etc!


Here's where things get fun, your Vault Hunters unique weapon! Perhaps your Vault Hunter is a marksman? Maybe they enjoy swinging around a massive sword? It's up to you!


Looking sharp? Or a tad rugged? What's your Vault Hunters style? Your style defines your first impressions with people, whether you want to strike fear into your foes or lull them into a false sense of security with a look of innocence!


This is what makes you, you! How does your Vault Hunter approach a conversation, how would they approach a fight? Lots of things are influenced by your personality, be it aggressive, impatient, decisive, etc!


We all started from somewhere, where did your Vault Hunter start from? What events lead them to the place they're at today?

Additional Information

Did I forget anything? Maybe you want to share more about your Vault Hunter! Feel free to include as little or as much information as you like, no pressure!


Too much reading? I get that, well to put it simply like in the first paragraph of this discussion, if you had a Unique Vault hunter what would they be like? Include as little or as much information as you want, creative freedom is all yours!


  • They called him Dust.

    To Maliwan Corp, he had been experiment 18346-B. One of many attempts to use Eridium and an executed Siren's DNA to splice powers into other living beings. He'd been a soldier, volunteered for this experiment which was hailed as a Super Soldier Program. He was the unluckiest of all the test subjects: the only one unfortunate enough to survive.

    Very little remained of the lab once Dust had made his escape. His new powers were nothing like those of the Sirens that came before him. Nothing so elegant. The storm of energy he had wrapped around himself and used to rip apart every living thing he'd seen didn't leave behind bodies, or possessions of any indication that life was once here. It left only dust. Dust which was sucked into him, every lungful seeming to make him stronger.

    He wore an old environment suit: full-body black metal plating, but without a helmet. Glowing balls of light shone from Dust's ruined eye sockets, glaring at the wastes of Pandora. Dust doesn't give a lot away but he came to Pandora for one thing alone: Revenge. He'd already ended everyone at Maliwan that turned him into a monster. The only other things responsible were the Sirens. He would hunt them down and make them suffer.

    He was once a soldier, and still acts like one: he doesn't harm the innocent and every fight is approached with the cunning he has managed to preserve in his broken, fractured mind. In addition to the elemental energy he now commands, he carries two weapons: a rifle and a hammer. A lot of bandits have already learned how adept he is with both.

    In addition to his command of energy, his body's mutilation and his newfound insanity the experiments had one other effect: Dust is very hard to kill. Every enemy he rips apart and absorbs heals him. If he's not wounded, they make him stronger. He is a living Juggernaut.

  • Hey, haven't been here on the TTG forums in forever, might as well have some fun.

    Well I have a few but I'll just share 2, first off I don't really come up with names for characters or at least not married to them, so the names I give were inspired random shit while I was focusing on their backstory.

    First up, Shepley. He is enrolled into the Dahl Officer Academy (going with my head canon that Dahl and the other private armies of the megacorporations have fully fleshed out military systems complete with like an ROTC). But he's feeling unfulfilled with it and gets disillusioned with being a soldier for a megacorps so he drops out and heads to Pandora to join up with the Crimson Raiders, who in his eyes are fighting a more honorable battle as well as he would make more money as a Vault Hunter. His outfit would be his fatigues and part of some armor he stole when he left, though it being from an academy it's more dress than actual protection. He's not really a boy scout but he has a clear idea of morals and is not afraid to butt heads when someone conflicts with that. Pretty blunt and straight forward mentality and definitely be made uncomfortable by the people of Pandora at first. And he absolutely carries a superiority complex for the first few months on the planet before he actually experiences what it takes to survive. I've envisioned him being incredibly hypocritical of Axton when they first meet because Axton deserted and in his eyes that's worse than what he did. Overall, his personality is supposed to be the unwavering straight man to Pandora's insanity. Also, his parents are retired officers in Dahl so there is the baggage that they disown him for his actions and the embarrassment he's become for them.

    Next is Teays. His backstory I really put a lot of time into for a fanfic that I never published but I'll sum it up. He's from the same school as Gaige and knew her vaguely from some classes they shared. And like her, he did share a passion for engineering, though he wasn't nearly as gifted as her. Then the Marcy incident happened, which he was at the science fair and was the one who got second place) and got front row seats to the bloodbath. After Gaige fled, she became a school celebrity and Teays was actually pumped, along with many other students to join her on Pandora. But no one took action on it, just words it seemed, and school went back to normal and he graduated. As summer started he started talking with his few friends and the discussion of going to Pandora to join the Raiders kept being brought up and it wasn't long before they bought tickets to head to the planet. Once on the planet they meet hardship after hardship, a few die, some leave and head home, and few others just wander off into the Pandoran wilderness, and in the end it was just Teays who makes it to Overlook who help him get to Sanctuary. Pretty much fed up with having to be fearing for his life everyday, he refuses to leave and has to figure out how he'll make a living on the floating city. He puts his engineering skills to use by modding guns for the vault hunters and other members. At first its just little things like, accuracy and recoil but then as he gets more used to the tech and has more money to get better gear he starts doing things like adding multiple elemental damage types to guns and putting different brand's tech into other guns (like hyperion's reverse recoil into a jakobs revolver). I created this character as a NPC concept that could help improve guns better than the grinder concept in TPS did and I actually fully fleshed out what he'd be able to do mechanic wise in game if anyone is interested, but back to his character. So he makes some good coin and a small reputation on Sanctuary as like a gunsmith and actually Markus hates him and views him as stepping on his toes and even have a story/ quest idea where Markus asks you to kill Teays and you can decide to do so or not. As far as other characters go, he is a fanboy of the Vault Hunters, and offers discounts and other gifts to them. He reunites with Gaige who doesn't remember him, like I said they weren't really friends in school, but Teays' fanyboying over the VHs carries over to her and he also develops a crush on her. When they learned he was still alive, his parents started to occasionally send relief packages for him, which worked with them to contact Gaige's dad to get things sent for her, in his attempt at winning her over. Another idea I had for him was Lilith commissions a big project, like a new defense system for the city, from him and he has to work with Janey and Ellie to do it (no Scooter :( unfortunately).

  • He'd be Crying Laughing Emoji, equipped with with his OK hand. :joy: and i don't know what ok is. Is it :ok:

    I kid I kid.
    His name is Barry because he love berries. He is a psycho midget.

    He uses mostly shotguns. He can duel wield little ones and use both hands for big ones. His grenades are disguised as berries.

    He wears a paper bag over his heads with two eye holes and a mouth hole. The paper bag is covered in all sorts of berries. He wears little monkey undies and no shirt or pants. He has little pony socks and one foot has a sandle.

    He just acts like a midget psycho in the games. High pitch voice, always screaming and scared of something. He isn't hellbent on killing everyone near him though. He knows his side is with the vault hunters.

    I don't know how midget psychos are born... but he just shows up at a fast travel and pushes random buttons and does the correct code for sanctuary and goes there. He gets there when rakks are divebombing on civilians. one almost gets Mordecai and Barry saves him. He doesn't attack them though because the voice in his head says "wow, this place is cool. Let's not brutally kill and eat the leader this time, K?"


  • Good backstory, but I don't think a male siren is a good idea. I don't know why, I just don't think of male sirens.

    Blockb0ys posted: »

    They called him Dust. To Maliwan Corp, he had been experiment 18346-B. One of many attempts to use Eridium and an executed Siren's DNA to

  • Shade would be proud.

    TheDerpGod posted: »

    He'd be Crying Laughing Emoji, equipped with with his OK hand. and i don't know what ok is. Is it :ok: I kid I kid. His name is Barry b

  • K

    Shade would be proud.

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