Better Call Saul S3 Finale...MY GOD! (Spoilers)

Holy fuck. Does anybody on the forum watch this show? "Lantern" has to be the best episode of this series so far. I mean the amount of stuff that happens is INSANE!!!!!

What do you guys think is going to happen in Season 4?!?!?!?

  • Hector's going to finally get his bell.
  • Now we know why he doesn't have elderly clients :D
  • Jimmy is so turning into Saul
  • Chuck is DEAD?!?!?
  • Kim takes break

I honestly can say that we've reached Breaking Bad level quality. I mean this is the first episode that really reminds of Breaking Bad in the sense that every thing that's been building up for 2 seasons has just finally blown up. How in the hell is Jimmy going to react when he finds out what Chuck did? I mean Chuck basically told him he doesn't matter to him and what not and that he tears everything down because that's just who he is, so is he going to start living by his final words to him and become the piece of shit Saul Goodman because of it?

That is fucking tragic.



  • I really enjoyed the finale too. And I honestly hope Chuck is dead, that jackass. I'm tired of how he treats Jimmy.

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