Transformers The Last Knight Review/Opinions NO SPOILERS

With the 5th Installment of Michael Bay's Transformers Live Action Franchise in cinemas from today what is everyone's thoughts on the matter? Are you looking forward for it? Are you depending on the critics review? Are you going to enjoy the mindless action of every Bay film? Or are you genuinely interested in what the new writers can achieve?



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    I have seen hardcore fans and critics alike give poor to terrible reviews of this film. When Tyrone Magnus and Ragin Nation are absolutely disappointed with little to nothing good to say that's not a good sign. The thing is you can only enjoy these movies if you turn off your brain and enjoy it for the aesthetic explosive 2 hour film it is. The problem is this film is plagued by horrendous comedy,poor dialogue,poor pacing,worthless characters and so much clustered shoehorned content that it's difficult to even enjoy the movie as a casual popcorn flick. The transformers are still background characters and contribute little to nothing of any significance with optimus prime being gone for nearly the entire movie. I really hope with a fresh director and the writers room that the future of the transformers cinematic universe is enjoyable and well designed films.

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    From the looks of it "transformers the last knight" is looking to be a flop. A 15 million dollar box office opening which is the weakest and lowest opening of the entire series. It has a 16% rating with disappointing to negative reception among even hardcore cinematic transformers film. Paramount&Hashboro should hope that it does well internationally to salvage what they can.

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