Should i make my son watch hobbit then lotr or lotr then hobbit ?

I have no sons but it's just a question that came to mind



  • I have no sons


  • Hobbit was pretty poor imo I would start on lotr for your theoretical son

  • I've only seen the first Hobbit and I thought it was mediocre at best. But I've seen all the LotR films and I love them.

    So, go for LotR.

  • I mean if your “son” wanted to go into lord of the rings with more knowledge and backstory I would go with that but I thought most lord of the ring movies were better.

  • If the Hobbit films were closer in quality to the LOTR films then I suppose a case could be made for watching the Hobbit films first. As it stands though, there isn't a whole lot that they even add that would make it worth it. Setting a strong impression by watching LOTR first seems like the wiser choice.

    It's pretty much a universal consensus that the LOTR films are better, and I don't think I could trust anyone who disagrees with that.

  • MrJavaMrJava Banned

    Find a female and dont use condom. Then we will discuss this later. That about cover it ?

  • Read the hobbit then lotr to him after you can have some real nerd bonding time while you both point out everything that is wrong with the movies

  • Don't show him a hobbit if you want kid to respect you.

  • You shouldn't force your illusory son to do anything he doesn't want to.

  • First, the books, then the movies.

  • (I didn't know that you commented on my post because it didn't come up in my feed for some reason.)

    I kinda thought it was obvious that my comment was a joke, since I said 'illusory son', meaning that he is not real.

    (Man, do I really suck that bad at humor and sarcasm?)
  • Well first get a son then we'll work up from there

  • If he is going to read the books let him read first because the movies are nothing like the book. But if he won't read the books you guys should watch the Hobbit first.

  • If your non-existent son isn't interested in reading the entire trilogy before watching the movies, I think reading The Hobbit and then jumping straight into the LotR movies sounds reasonable. Just pretend The Hobbit movies never happened, and deciding what you should force your non-existent son to read or watch becomes much easier!

  • Yeah, raising non-existent kids is tough. You have to make all kinds of non-existent decisions.
    Y'know, this is quite a unique situation that the OP has, perhaps he should start up a blog on raising non-existent kids?

    If your non-existent son isn't interested in reading the entire trilogy before watching the movies, I think reading The Hobbit and then jump

  • Watch Lord of the rings its better than the hobbit

  • Why not read the trilogy? The movie, like most movies, is the productions interpretation of the book and hardly capture the characters invented by the author. For example, according to my research for and on the book vs movie, Gollum is a conflicted character who begins as a simple hobbit type who killed his friend to get the ring. The ring enslaves and changes all who wear it. Frodo said: "I'm faded"; "Bilbo aged 100 years after he gave it up. The ring is referred to as "burden'. Gollum was transfixed into an selfish animal wanting nothing but, "my precious'. Reading the book might give a better understanding of the story.

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