Dialogue bugs? Episode 1 Spoilers

As said in the title this post has Spoilers from episode 1. I've not started episode 2 yet though so no spoilers from then please.

I've had to restart episode 1 four times now because the dialogues keep getting crossed over. Mostly in the bar scene. One scenario being drax, I tell him he got his revenge, then later when we're all back on the ship, he's pissed at Quinn for telling him that he didn't get it. I know there is a dialogue where he's happy because I got it on the first playthrough.

Second scenario being rocket. When he's at the table showing off his gun. It doesn't seem to matter what option I give, he always turns around and gets angry for not letting him have his moment?

I'm going to report it as a bug but has anyone else had these problems?



  • Yeah, I've had the same issue, mainly with Rocket, I gave him the positive response and he still got pissed.

  • I've started the game only now, when all the episodes are out, and sadly all the mentioned issues are still present. Can't believe how glitchy the game is in Episode 1 alone.
    Had the same issues with Drax and Rocket in the bar scene as S7ewie. Hell even the recap of Episode 1 at the beginning of Ep2 was wrong, where it shows Drax with me on the Kree ship, when I actually chose Gamora. Guess I'll have to restart the first episode for the third time in a hope that this time it plays out smoothly. But man, if this crap continues throughout the other episodes, I don't think I will have the willpower to continue.

  • For me it glitched the first time during episode for. I decided to replay the whole game from episode one... now it is glitching during episode three, if you choose to sell Thanos to the collectors? The scene at the bar. The first time the glitch happened I contacted Telltale. They sent me instructions which made little sense to me. I just lost interest for a while. Went back to it after a couple weeks, and it was like "what glitch?" and the game worked fine for the rest of the episode and I had no issues during episode five. I hope the episode three glitch magically vanishes just like the previous one.

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