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Review is split up in multiple alinea's
Castlevania first appeared in the 80's 90's game series made by Konami. The series was quite a hit I believe back in the day but not so much today I myself have never ever played Castlevania game before but did watch a few cutscenes, gameplay and other things on youtube but even so I am not so familiar with the Castlevania series or it's characters so this is a non fan review of the official Netflix series so I hope you enjoy reading this!

When I loged into Netflix to watch this series the first thing I noticed was it only had 4 Episodes FOUR EPISODES and each is 25 minutes long which was a big surprise to me because most Netflix shows from what I have seen have either 10/13 Episodes each season so I guess Netflix had some doubt about this series even though they are working on a season 2.

The ''show'' or like I want to call it a small movie follows the story of Trevor Belmont his family has been protecting the land from all kind of supernatural creatures like Count Dracula, demons and all other things you could expect from a supernatural series like this one. Trevor is the last son left of his household after there family got banished or either just killed for having things to do with the supernatural and the hole country hates them because they believe the demon attacks that have been going on now are there faults which it isn't that was the Church... Shouldn't have burned Dracula's wife now he is out on revenge on all of humanity:)

The first 10 minutes
The shows opening starts with a young woman walking towards the castle of Count Dracula himself asking him for knowledge to cure diseases and make people life longer out of goodness for her heart, Dracula isn't that fond of people but likes how she talks to him and is honest so we get a funny scener between tthe two which surprised me because in most video game adaptations characters act like assholes, lifeless humans and so on so this was a good start!
20 years later the woman is getting executed in public by the Church and the peoplw believing she is a witch for knowing so much and for being an expert alchemist, she becks Dracula not to hurt the people because they don't know what they are doing but Dracula doesn't know what is going on and doesn't hear her and when he finds... Shit is about to get real!
End of spoilers

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The animation is great and well done I love watching it but there are certain moments I don't like it maybe it is just me but when Trevor walks outside it seems the background at certain moments just look... Fake I don't know this is me or just budget issues or just lazy animation so I have to let you go find that out for yourself.

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The violence of the show is really violent and gore I MEAN IT! Examples: The very first action Dracula does blood is raining out of sky and a few seconds later people get RIPPED apart by demons, heads on spikes, a baby bed filled with blood, Trevor slaps somebody's eye out and more it is way to violent for me personally I don't like it at all I don't know if the games are like this but I just don't like it.

Now let's go to the characters:
I really really don't like the most of these characters beside the main character who I disliked for the first two episodes mostly of the four I am almost voting for Dracula to destroy humanity.
The very first conversation we hear after the first 10 minutes is two people in a bar are talking to each other over a sheep that got FUCKED in the ARSE and 2 minutes later ''We are not brothers we might have the same dad but your dad FUCKED my aunt'' or something like that.
This later get's followed by:

Listen to the music while reading
Getting kicked in the balls two times, talking about taking a piss multiple times, talking about putting someting in somebody's arse, talking about beating you up (doing that to), wanting to get drunk, Entering a city through a riol of SHIT, seeing priests trying to kill a old man, piss jokes and more! woah what mature writers woah what a way to like the characters in this world but he there are atleast some good jokes here and there beside the ones I just wrote down.

Beside this the characters don't get enough development and this is to blame on Netflix I really really believe that this show needs more Episodes to develop them more and while there is enough information to explain this world I wonder: Where is God during all of this? How does one learn magic? Why is Trevors family the only one able to fight the monsters? and what are Speakers exactly?

Look I don't think this is a bad show the problem is just the Episode lenght and they ended on a cliffhanger they better give a season 2 or else this is a dissapontment to me.

Final thoughts 6.8/10 ''4 Episodes, asshole humans and cliffhanger''

If you are a fan what do you think?



  • Nice review. I haven't checked this yet but I might considering Symphony of The Night is one of my all time favorite games

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    So I watched it and honestly it could be good now that season 2 is announced with 8 episodes. This season wasn't as good as it could be simply because it is only 4 25 minute episodes, like, I want to care about Dracula and his wife but they gotta meet, get married and she's gotta die before the end of the episode. Similar situation with Trevor caring about the speakers just not enough time is given to really establish any of these characters.

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