Please make Season 2

First things first, thank you for making Season 1 so amazing, I've played your games before (TWD) and when I first started I wasn't really into games like these.
Quickly tho when I started playing I fell in love with the story and the special artstyle you have.
I thought TWD will be the only games I like from you (because I hadn't played games like Borderlands) so I didn't even check what other games you got.
That all changed when the TFTBL was free on PS Store with PsPlus on May. I quickly added it into my library but never downloaded until 2 days ago when I remembered it all of a sudden.
So when it downloaded I was bit sceptical about it but I got hooked instantly, the characters, the story, the music....Oh my. Seriously I'm not over exaggerating when I say this but it was the best game I've ever played, and I've played a lot of games lol
So I finished the game in less than a 2 days and was quite sad when it all ended. Just when I thought I would be happy with Sasha and loot from the Vault, it all ends to a cliffhanger :( I really hope that'll mean another season ;)

I'm writing all this stuff because I really want another season, earlier you said that it will be a lot of determined on sales and public interest so hopefully there's a lot of us who want it.

Oh yeah also saw that tweet that next installment wiil be made by gearbox but that doesn't stop you from working on TFTBL 2 while they make and publish BL 3, right? :)

Ps. Sorry for my English it was a real struggle to write all this with my English skill

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