American Horror Story

Hello! What do you think about it? I only liked season 1 but I've seen the second and third aswell.



  • I just finished season 1 and I loved it! Looking forward to season 2.

  • I liked the first three season's of the show. I haven't really seen Freakshow, but I heard how Jessica Lange butchered singing a Bowie song and it put me off. I saw a few episodes of Hotel and was put off by it, I thought it was more style over substance and tried to copy The Shining in almost every shot. As soon as Lady Gaga said the line 'Your son has a jawline for days' I tuned off.

  • I loved the first 3 seasons, hated the fourth one and liked the last one.

  • Season 1 was ok, Season 2 was fantastic, Season 3 was awful and I stopped there.

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