So Bad It's Good?

What are some pieces of art that you know of that are so godawful that they somehow become ironically good or hilarious. Can be any type of media. Ideally something we might not know about since we all know The Room is a masterpiece of garbage.



  • Life is Strange, The Room, and Batman and Robin.

  • Metallica already mentioned The Room, but to that, I'll also add "Foodfight"

    JonTron has an amazing review of it on his channel if you want to watch it.

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    I kind of hate this millennial trend. The Rooms, the Birdemics and Sharknados are shit. Not enjoyable, just shit.

    That's my opinion. I do enjoy cheese though. Escape From LA is great for it, Evil Dead 2 is great for it.
    Are they "so bad" though? I don't really think so. For non-fans, they're more "forgettable" than anything.
    "Cult" is a better description.

    Imagine. For a LONG time, it wasn't cool to like Aliens as a horror/sci-fi fan. That changed around the late 90's.
    Who knows what the next generation will bring us?

    If I stray from movies, maybe I can find something. This is probably odd to read, but I'm literally typing this as I'm thinking about it. Spit-balling if you will. TV? Well, no. No one tends to give a bad show multiple chances to have terribly good moments. Right? I dunno. Comics are sort of in the same boat... sort of.

    Maybe Power Man(2). The one whom was a stuntman before they revamped the series(personality wise, he was similar to Downey's Iron Man. A cocky ass that got shit done). The initial run was just pretty much ripping off everything and that was enjoyable when I was a kid. No idea whether it was considered good or not(before internet), but it definitely wasn't original.

    Games? Hmmm. Modern games have to give that a no. Have to. Terrible games have terrible controls and no game with terrible controls is enjoyable. It just doesn't happen these days. So how about the past? I have to stick with "no" again. There are games that were bad which I have nostalgia for... but that doesn't make the enjoyable. I can't think of any.

    I have to stick with my initial answers on this one. Just cult films, which I, personally, don't think qualify, and Power Man comics... that no one remembers(forget that I'm an older member, it was short-lived before they revamped it).

  • The Emoji movie.

  • The Room.

  • The emoji movie and spidget finners.

  • Arkham knight, Mafia 3, Michonne, all scary movies(parody movies), AC 3,

    • Resident Evil 6
    • Mass Effect Andromeda
    • Suicide Squad
    • Aliens Colonial Marines
    • Spider-Man 3
  • The live action Super Mario tv show


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    The Room.

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    • Judge Dredd (1995)
    • Samurai Cop
    • Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
    • Ghost Rider

    Funnily enough I'm ambivalent about the whole "so bad it's good" thing. I enjoy those kinds of movies out of context, but I don't know if I would enjoy forcing myself to watch them. There are other movies I could have added, but I quickly realized that I just don't enjoy them at all. Batman & Robin for instance is a movie I enjoyed as a kid, but now that I've realized it is not a good movie, I refuse to re-watch it. I'm also glad that it was so terrible since without it, there would be no Nolan trilogy. I'm rambling but there is a fine line between movies that are so bad they are ironically funny, and movies that are so bad they are just bad.

  • Many of the ones I know of have already been said. There is this one game that John Wolfe played a while ago called Creepypasta Land, which is basically Everything Wrong With The Creepypasta Fandom: The Game with hilariously broken english.

  • Wish Upon. I was actually cracking up in the theater and everyone around me thought I was a psychopath.

    • Little Nightmares
    • Stranger Things
    • Breaking Bad
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    I love No Holds Barred so fucking much

  • ...excuse me? :p Most of that content in my opinion is already good in the first place - not bad.

    * Little Nightmares * Stranger Things * Breaking Bad * Avatar

  • I guess I could say ANF because its story was complete trash but you could meme the fuck out of it for being so bad

  • enter link description here

    It's so bad yet it's insanely, stupidly genius...

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    I would say @Poogers555 Bruce Wayne bad they are good.

  • FUK U SAY?

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    I would say @Poogers555 Bruce Wayne bad they are good.

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