Rick and Morty 303 "Pickle Rick"

Well, it's out. Leave your impressions here. I personally loved the hell out of it, it's probably my favorite Rick and Morty episode overall so far.



  • I absolutely loved it as well:) It was worth the wait

  • Was great, but my overall is either Mr Meeseeks or Rickshank Redemption

  • The Pickle Rick part was good, the rest was meh. Im really hoping the next episode gets back on track with a Rick and Morty Adventure, not Rick and Family Divorce Drama

  • By far one of my favorite episodes of the series.

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    This episode reminded me of why I love this show. Everything just escalates so quickly and random in there. The episode went from a picklizied human in a exoskeleton made from rat's entrails to a legit action drama of a higher quality than most of Hollywood movies nowadays.

    The therapy part was pretty boring though, aside from a few gags.

  • Loved it. Although I was hoping that after credits piano guy would get his own episode, looked like a fun villain.

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    I found it sorta decent. I thought the pickle Rick segment was dead from the start in terms of humor and catching my interests, it didn't really go anywhere interesting outside of excessive levels of gore and the inclusion of a new side character. I did like the counseling segment and how it tried to balance out the sheer chaos of Rick's story, but there wasn't enough to justify liking the entire episode. It was certainly nice to look at, but in terms of what was happening eh I dunno, it was alright I guess.

  • I thought it was pretty good. I liked Pickle Rick, although whatever the antagonists were, they, well, I didn't know like anything about them, so it was kind of eh. But I did like having Jaguar. The therapy scenes were interesting. Good and bad at times.

    Also, the post-credits scene, I really liked it. The weird piano player, looking at him just made me laugh.

  • Loved the Pickle Rick parts and found the therapy parts mediocre. Better than episode 2 imo.

  • Fantastic episode, the internet shitting on it is expected but is the exact reason that the season was delayed to be released. Justin didn't want to disappoint the fans and there they go being disappointed again

  • Loved it! Was far better than the previous episode, I was hyping up this episode in particular since seeing the trailer and glad it didn't disappoint!

  • PICKEL RICK!!!!!

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