Star Wars: What Is Your Preferred Lightsaber Form(s)

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Say you are a gifted individual in the Star Wars Universe. What lightsaber form would you choose to try to master? Or would you implement a combination of forms to create your own unique kind of style? And as a fan, which is your favorite?

Here's a mini summary of each to help you start! Info comes from both Canon and Legends.

Form 1 Shii-Cho: Great at crowd control and deflection of blasters, but is weaker to dueling one on one.

Form 2 Makashi: The ultimate duelist, much like a fencer. Count Dooku is an example. It's style is weaker to larger groups and overpowering strength.

Form 3 Soresu: The greatest defense. Designed to consume little stamina and wear out opponents over time. Has a lack of offense.

Form 4 Ataru: Focus on using one's whole body to attack. Acrobatics and Strength create a pure offensive style. Much weaker in close quarters.

Form 5 Shien/Djem So: Is all about countering; offensive that uses opponents attacks against them. Very aggressive. Shien redirects blaster fire, whereas Djem So requires brute strength & wide strokes. Requires huge amount of stamina and can wear down the user.

Form 6 Niman: A balanced form style, Jack of all Trades of the previous forms... but master of none. Great starting point. Often leads to Jar'Kai.

Form 7 Juyo/Vaapad: A bizarre offensive that requires the user's emotions to create confusing, overpowering attacks like Form 4 & 5. Has a huge tendency to lead users to the dark side of the force. Weakness is when the emotions may overcome users, making them more blind in a fight.

Jar'Kai: Other wise known as Dual Wielding Lightsabers, and normally comes from Form 6. Can implement many of the other Forms. Can only use one arm worth of strength per blade and may cause wielders to be weaker when reduced to one lightsaber.

For more info on the lightsaber forms, here's some great videos by SithReign & an incredible report by Craig Page!
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  • Jar-Kai Form VII.

    That's how I roll.

  • [removed]

  • I myself would probably focus on Soresu, maybe implement some Jar'Kai in there. I'd want to defend myself at all costs and would want to prolong the fight as much as I can. Obi Wan was a true master of this! As a fan, I love Ataru, just seeing the mobility of Yoda, or the crazy jumps of Anakin were really fun to watch. It's just so acrobatic!

  • Oh that's kinda like Starkiller from the Force Unleashed!

    Jar-Kai Form VII. That's how I roll.

  • Jar'Kai with an implementation of the all 7 forms, mixed in with a few random moves (can't always stick to the forms, especially if you're up against someone who's well versed in them).

  • Best bet would be to stick to mastering Makashi. Switch to Soresu when outnumbered.

  • I would have form 3 as my main form, I have always believed a strong defense is the best. But I would also implement principles from Shien, Djem So and Makashi

  • None of those forms fit me. Makashi, Ataru, and Djem So are the closest, but compared to my style, they are like novices to a Grandmaster.

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