Batman S2 EP1 Theory

We never met Riddler....we met Clayface.

I am calling it...that is Clayface.



  • Eh I doubt it there was literally 0.clues tbh

  • Because it strikes me that Riddler's death could be a red herring to keep everyone off the trail...yes there is this pact...yet who is actually in charge of it? It reminds me of Hush...who was the one who put the entire thing into action? Who let themselves be caught to be seemingly taken off the chess board? The Riddler...who in the comics had been basically MIA because of seemingly Riddler who everyone thought was dead in this Telltale universe...comes back...only to be taken off the board early in the game?

    I could be is only a theory after all.

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  • Don't really agree with this.

  • Well it is only a theory.

    bthom20 posted: »

    Don't really agree with this.

  • I realise that, all I have done is state my opinion on a theory with no evidence.

    Well it is only a theory.

  • I only really doubt this because its way to similar to Arkham City, and Telltale is trying to be as unique as possible, so I highly doubt they would want to do another ClayFace plot twist that was already done before.

    (I do like the theory though)

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