You have been kidnapped. Your favourite video game character comes to rescue you. Who is it?



  • Glados kicked yo ass

    Abeille posted: »

    I'm so dead.

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    I would like Trevor Philips with James Earl Cash to saved me, and it would be fun as F. I just imagined how these two worked in pairs to save my ass. The other pair is Vaas Montenegro and Gandalf The Gray.
    Just imagine Vaas asking everybody if they know something about madness and Gandalf smash everyone with fireballs sitting on the giant eagle. Sorry, my fantasy going crazy on this topic; maybe I play games play online games like Apex too much lately) Have a good day, and keep sharing your characters; this topic was funny to read.

  • Robo - 47. A true master of War.

  • Maybe...Cloud from FF7 Remake or Cole MacGrath from inFAMOUS (That's Assuming He Doesn't Step in Water and Kill me by Accident).

  • I would very much like the Catwoman to rescue me cause she's fast and wild and also good at combat. Also, she's extremely hot :D

  • Captain Price.

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    Um no idea...
    Perphaps Rodrik Forrester,Edward Kenway,Takayuki Yagami(Judgement PS4 been playing it recently)...
    Hell even old Simon Groat from the Got Ascent game would be glad to see that old fart's face on a dead or alive situation.

    A little sad that no video game bombshell comes to mind but I did not bond to many female characters out there on the media,if I had to mention one Chloe from Life is strange would be fun to meet and she was hella hot.

  • I don’t particularly have a favourite game but siege isn’t that bad !

    I will take it..

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