About to get bumpy

Yeah, I guess I'm not the only one with this problem. I re-downloaded and reinstalled and no dice. Interestingly, uninstalling doesn't actually remove the downloaded episodes (even when you select the option to tell it to do that) so I even tried removing the Guardians folder from my documents to force it to re-dowload episode 2. Still no dice.
Supports only suggestion was that this happens if the game is not patched, but as far as I can see there are no patches for Guardians. The version I have claims to be build and of course I'm online. The other suggestion was uninstalling and reinstalling, which didn't help either.

So disappointed. Come on Telltale. I'm a huge fan (have almost all the games), but lately ever game seems to be getting worse for just simple things like downloading and not crashing.

And for the love of God, either allow episodes to download in the background, or let us download them directly from the site. This is just silly.

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