What do we know about Amanda Waller?

I'm mostly familiar with her from the TV show Arrow. In that she, the director of ARGUS, is more or less a sociopath whose primary goal is to protect America, and secondly herself. She shows very little concern for her agent's lives and is willing to use any method necessary to accomplish her objective; which includes torture and murder. She kills people to cover up her crimes. She kidnaps Oliver and forces him to commit crimes, such as ordering Oliver to assassinate his best friend, and threatens to kill his friends if he does not do as she orders. He avoids killing his best friend, but not other people. She also sells biological weapons for profit. In other words, she's a horrible person.

What we know thus far is that she has very little respect for Gordon, that she condones torture, and that she knows Bruce's identity. Oh, also that she has a PhD in Political Science and is very well connected with people at the state government, and possibly national, level. She will likely view Bruce as an "asset". I wonder to what extent this Waller will be like the one depicted on the Arrow.

As a side note, which state is Gotham located?


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