The Unfulfilled Potential of Video Games

It thought this brought up some very interesting points. Heck even recently I've been thinking when I get a PS4 there's certain games I want to play, but I don't want to resort to killing in them.

Like Friday the Thirteenth, I want to play the counselors because of the stealth tactics involved in escaping, but I have absolutely no interest in playing as Jason; alongside that the numerous Jason 'kills' you can unlock that they've been advertising of late are off putting, and are kinda messed up when you think about it when there's moves that involve skulls being crushed, bodies impaled or jaws ripped off'. If anything, if I do have to play as Jason, I won't use them if possible.

Again this comes up with the game Battlegrounds, which is much like Battle Royale where you're stuck on an island and have to be the last survivor. Now I've played coop games where you're against other people and have to fight [I even play GTAV], but this struck me differently in my mind, because of the set up and having seen Battle Royale and the Hunger Games, and when I watched some clips it got me thinking when I get to it myself, I'd honestly prefer to stay away from combat and only kill another player if I didn't have a choice. If anything I got frustrated hearing about this limiting map range that happens where you get restricted to a smaller and smaller zone, because I just love games where you can explore, and the map in Battlegrounds is so HUGE it's a crime to be limited on it!

Now I still want there to be games where you can kick butt in them no question about that, but there have been a lot of times where I've thought how there's lack different games, or even game protagonists. And this video just really got me thinking about that. I'd love to play an open world you were a survivalist living off the land in the wilderness; heck I love the video's mention of playing a medic even.

Or a game on raptors, literally, a raptor protagonist.

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  • I watched this video, it really raised good points.

    And yeah, I totally want a raptor game!

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    The video was very well put together, and I agree with a lot that was said. I suppose I didn't used to care about this topic, but I have found myself going for more of a pacifist route in immersive-sim games, it's harder than just killing everything, but I think it's worth it. More games should at least implement the choice, I really don't care for most shooters anymore, and it really does boil down to them all being essentially the same thing.

    I grew up playing games with combat/violence, and I think I'll always like them, just not all the generic triple A shooter titles coming out today. Indie titles have been far more interesting than most triple A titles as of the last few years, well, in my opinion. The industry is definitely over-saturated with the same stuff and after a certain point, it ceases to satisfy and puts me off the whole genre for the most part. I'm namely referring to first person shooters, but other games are also plagued with the same issue.

    I sometimes worry that I'm losing interest in video games altogether, but it does make more sense that it is just down to what the industry is putting out.

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