@blind sniper: Please stop closing support threads

I know you are just a moderator but I guess you are also a gamer. So for the love of god I beg you to stop closing potential HELPFUL threads in which people do post suggestions about how to fix problems with Telltale Games like crashing and such. Telltale support is utterly useless (I think meanwhile everybody has experienced this) and they never could help me once. If they could the TTG would not be so buggy as they are at the moment. You always tell people to open a support ticket but unfortunately those are useless. So after contacting support and talking to those clueless people for weeks or even months customers come here and ask the COMMUNITY because - believe it not - sometimes information is all that is needed to fix a problem. So if there is one bug which several people are experiencing where is the problem in just discussing it in ONE thread? Telltale abandoning their support forum was the worse thing they ever did and if you continue to close potential helpful threads you don't help the community at all. And by "community" I mean people who actually have paid real money for the games.

I am scared that this post won't survive long because you probably cannot help yourself and will either close this or simply delete it. But before you press that "kill" button, please remember that even if you are a free moderator you are allowed to have an own opinion.


  • Although I'm a moderator, I'm only a fan voluntarily helping out - I'm not a Telltale Staff member. Telltale prefers that we moderators direct people to the Support Center for them to receive official support, and some things (such as Telltale closing down the old Support forums) are outside of our control since we are not staff members - I don't have a say in those kinds of things. I'm sorry you are having some issues, but some things such as the points you bring up are out of my hands.

    This thread is a bit off-topic and relates to Forum Moderation discussion instead of Guardians discussion, so I'm going to lock this, but I am open to talk via PM if you have more to say.

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