(Spoilers for S2E3) The Admin - Theories and Speculations

After playing the most recent episode, I began mulling over some theories and thought it might be fun to share.

Theory #1 - The Family Theory

I think the Admins may have been related. This is based on visual similarities I noticed between Xara and Romeo's design specifically their hair. The more I looked at it, the more it seemed to be intentional and not mere coincidence: both have wavy hair and both have a lock by their forehead. They also both have the same kind of nose. Normally, I wouldn't consider that to be of notice if it hadn't been for the aforementioned resemblance in hair.

Xara and Romeo
Xara and Romeo

That said, it may also simply be how people from wherever or whenever they're from look like.

Theory #2 - The Death of Fred

As of yet, we do not know the details pertaining to Fred's death but I believe it was an accident that was unintentionally caused by either Romeo or Xara. Alternatively, it was a consequence of whatever happened. The reason behind this theory is that Romeo *choose *to imprison Xara instead of killing her. Given that she seems completely depowered, it seems to have been completely within Romeo's power to fatally do away with her if he wanted. It may, however, simply be a case of Romeo's arrogance as he does state that he has no fear of Prisoner X escaping because he does not believe anyone can escape from the Institute.

Theory #3 - The Friend Theory

I think whatever happened between the Admins had a psychological impact on Romeo and played a part in why he behaves the way he does at times. This theory may not be presented as orderly as the above ones so bear with me. I should note before I continue that the following is not an attempt to excuse Romeo's behavior but an attempt to explain it.

We've seen how well Romeo copes with rejections and I think this may be because of whatever happened between the Admins. Romeo perceived his fellow Admins turning on him as rejecting him and possibly their friendship. Every time, he is rejected he is reminded, consciously or subconsciously, of how he felt when he was betrayed. Essentially, he's relieving the emotional state he experienced back then.

We've also seen how intent Romeo is on finding a friend and I think Romeo's desire for companionship is genuine. I think the reason he wants his candidates to prove their devotion to him is because of whatever happened between him and the other Admins. He conjures these scenarios to find someone who not only fits his ideology but shares it so he doesn't have to go through what he did with his former friends, Xara and Fred.


You know, I hope Xara and Fred turn out to have been the same kind of chaotic neutral or chaotic evil that Romeo is. I think it’d be underwhelming and kind of boring if their power struggle were revealed to have been fought in a case of good versus evil.

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