How do you play your Bruce Wayne?

Philanthropic or self-centered?

Good samaritan citizen or distant playboy?

Is Bruce just a mask for you or the real representation of his character?

Personally I play Bruce as a philanthropist billionaire who wants nothing more than to improve Gotham. It is often hard to separate this persona from Batman's, and I've considered becoming deliberately ruder as Bruce in order to separate the identities a bit.


  • My Bruce Is dick even to poor Alfred, he's so nasty to his friends, I wouldn't want to be his best friend in real life.

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    My Bruce recognizes Bruce as his real face and Baman as the mask. My Bruce is kind and loving to his friends, but he can be nasty to those who piss him off like Selina at the cafe, Mayor Hill in his office and Mori at the casino. I enjoy intimidating people as Bruce more then I do as Batman.

  • My Bruce is the sweetest boy in Gotham.

    Not that that's hard. I mean, have you seen the place?

  • I play Bruce and Batman as both good guys who care about Gotham and the people and who wants to help in every possible way and improve the city for its citizens. As Batman sometimes I do more...questionable... things. Sometimes you've got to intimidate the bad guys, am I right?
    But Bruce isn't my Batman's mask. Both identities make up who he is.

  • My Bruce is just like the movies and fucking animations.

  • My Bruce is a hard man to deal with. He's not needlessly cruel or anything but he's got a bad temper and is extremely easy to anger. He's pretty ruthless as he choked Falcone and even threatened to throw Hill from his own balcony. His relationship has also been pretty strained with Alfred ever since he discovered the truth about his father. He holds a lot of anger towards Thomas now and is quite bitter about his actions being kept secret from him. He still cares about Alfred a great deal but he can't help but be angry. He's also fully in touch with his identity. He's Bruce Wayne not Batman. Now when he is Batman he is brutal but he holds back towards people he cares about and has a personal connection to. He brutalizes Falcone without a second thought but he prefers not to hurt Oz or Harvey, even Vicki and possibly John in the future.

  • My Bruce and Batman are interchangeable.

    He is a compassionate man. All of his kind acts both as Bruce and Batman are genuine . But in Season 2, he is more ruled by his emotions due to what happened to Lucius, thus he is more willing to let loose of his more violent and ruthless side. He still showed a lot of restrain during his interrogation.

    Depending on what happens in Season 2, he will go darker.

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    My Bruce and Batman are the same.

    He cares about Gotham and does what he can to help it's citizens. He believes in justice and isn't above using violence, but only when needed. He's in good terms with Selina, and he forgave Alfred who is his closest friend and family. The blurred line between Bruce and Batman, or more like lack thereof, can be a problem sometimes.. He's not in a good place after losing Lucius. Maybe he's becoming unstable, have to wait and see.

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    My Batman is his own man, he is loyal, he doesnt get along with authorities because he already knows how he can handle crisis so he doesnt need someone to boss him around but he admires Gordon's loyalty and he is only working with Gordon. He never thinks about killing criminals. He always putting them in Blackgate for punishment or sending them to Arkham so they will get rid of their mental illness. He send Harvey to Arkham because he knew the fact that it wasnt entirely his own fault about the situation.

    My Bruce is loyal to his friends, he never felt anything dark against them. He tried to redeem them as best as he can. He never give up on Selina and he did his best about reaching her other side that she afraids to visit. He wants a better Arkham Asylum because he has a perspective that includes redeeming people and give them a life that they deserve. He may look selfish and sarcastic sometimes but he is only doing that because he needs to cover his identity as the typical "rich playboy" so he wont risk his second identity as Batman. He is also believing to a second chance. He forgive Alfred about hiding the secrets of his family and admit that Alfred did what he had to. He still see him as father. He was so careful when it comes to rescue him and even gave his identity to Lady Arkham.

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