Eternity forge role in Ep 5...?

Hey guys, I was just curious as to what others think the role the Eternity forge will play in episode 5. As you guys know, both Nebula and Drax can die in episode 4 so for those who empowered the forge, do you think that you will be able to use it to revive fallen teammates or others perhaps using the forge? Or do you think it will play a small role as a plot point and have no real effect/payoff for empowering it and it is destroyed by the end of episode 5?

Eager to hear what you guys think!


  • I am suspecting that it might play role. You see there are things like Rocket bracer in ep2. Yes you got different scene after depending on how he will attack Kree but nothing more (except he wears it or not). I am intentionally left Lylla with Rocket, and told him to throw it and forget. My suspicion is that at the end it might determine if he would want to bring Lylla back badly and do problems or he really decide to let go as in ep2.

    Also look in menu how everyone are going after forge, it might means something also like at the end depending on your choices teammates will want to use it or not.

    But to be realistic after seeing 1 single choice mattering for ending of ep4 I don't think Telltale will do so big complicated things. Maybe 1 or 2 choices will matter from previous episodes like empower or destroy forge and thats all.

  • I was originally speculating that they would have an end choice to decide one of the Guardians to revive their loved ones if the forge was empowered, but now that some of the Guardians are actually dead, I imagine it will instead probably revolve around whether or not you destroy the forge/Hala once and for all, or if you want to revive some of the Guardians first.

  • I still doubt drax is dead tbh

  • I hope we can revive Nebula/ Drax because they are both dead in my playthrough. But knowing telltale I think it might just be some dialogue changes.

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