Top 5 easyest boss fights in video games (spoilers)

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1.bioshock the final boss is basically your dad and he evolves 3 times sound hard? Stock up on trap rivets and he will die easily.

2.deadrising 4 the boss is a zombie in a exo suit sound hard? No it isn't not one bit.

3.deadrising adam is a killer clown that is way to easy to kill and not only that if you kill him you get his chainsaws which are overpowered to hell making him WAY to easy.

4.fallout 4 the mechanist is a person who makes robots.......cough easy cough cough

5.silent hill: homecoming the first boss fight is this weird thing and all you need to do is shoot some hanging things and then axe it in the face making the fight way to easy.



  • Scott Shelby in Heavy Rain. Literally just QTEs

    1. The Stranger from The Walking Dead. Just repeatedly tap Q.
    2. Carlito from Dead Rising; first battle. Come up behind him with a katana and slice him twice.
    3. Stray Dog from Rule of Rose. Circle him then strike. He repeatedly flinches so it's just easy.
    4. Split Worm from Silent Hill 3. Simply move out of its way as it appears then shoot it.
    5. Salazar from Resident Evil 4. When he's unprotected, shoot him with a rocket launcher. One hit kill.
  • Mysterio in Spider-Man 2 and the Electrocutioner from Batman Arkham Origins. They both take one attack to

    1. Fatman in Metal Gear Solid 2
    2. Any boss from Devil May Cry 2
    3. Guilty Spark from Halo 3
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