Choices vs. the DC Continuity Alignment

Being a fan of Telltale's approach of storytelling and being a fan of the comics. I enjoy the unique take they bring to characters, who have been standardized in main stream media. But there is an unfortunate problem with the new season that I can not shake off; the inevitable realignment of their comic book characters over the Telltale character they have created, making most of my choices mute.

While Telltale are known for some instances of choices not mattering or fake choices they got around that changing the Universe Batman was in. In the first season;

  • The Wayne Criminal Empire was a different take on the Wayne Family Legacy.
  • Batman not being Batman for years, and is basically 'greenhorn'.
  • Playing as either Bruce or Batman.
  • There doesn't appear to be heroes just Batman.
  • Cobblepot not being the 'fat' man and was poor.
  • Vicki Vale's past and villain.
  • John not being the Joker.

But then during the season the Batman universe started to resync and factors you believed might not happen or could be changed aligned back to what we know;

  • Copplepot was always going to be a villain.
  • Catwoman and Batman were always gonna hook up.
  • Harvey was gonna become Two Face with or without the visual side.

With the latest Season, I'm having the same double-thought process but it's not because the choices are hard, its just making me worry that in the end choices won't matter due to the characters moving back to their 'continuity alignment'.

  • Waller no matter how helpful you are to her, will always be smarter and destructive then you and you will always be under her thumb until Batman pulls a fast and heavy one on her.
  • Gordon no matter the betrayal will always trust Batman to some degree.
  • Alfred will always be by Bruce's side.
  • John will turn into the Joker.
  • Harley will be Joker's Queen of Crime no matter how smart or mischievous she is.
  • Mr Freeze will always look out for Nora as a number one priority.
  • Bane breaks people.

But a question for you all, if you are a fan of both genres (DC and Telltale) do you find yourself stuck in two minds while playing the latest season? Like you want you choices to matter but feel like it won't?


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    "Harley will be Joker's Queen of Crime no matter how smart or mischievous she is." Haven't really been getting that vibe, I think that is going to be tied to whether she likes Bruce or Joker more. If throughout the series you've been keeping her happy & interested in your actions.. There could be some romance.. hell there might even be an option to let her escape Gotham or avoid capture from Wallers team. The type of Joker we get could also be different based on whether you were violent or a pacifist in front of Joker.

  • Catwoman and Batman were always gonna hook up.

    Not really...

    Harley will be Joker's Queen of Crime no matter how smart or mischievous she is.

    Not happening. She is the manipulative one in this.

    Well actually check this out, if you play Season 1 with Batman not Bruce but Batman always saving Harvey he will support Batman but hate Bruce which in the comics Harvey hates both Bruce and Batman. Also Harley Quinn and Joker seemed to have their roles reversed. I mean John will become Joker at some point this season. What about if your choices push him to darker parts of his mind making him want to be more evil the more Bruce and Batman affect The Pact. Like the Harley or Bane choice in episode 2 at the end of the episode if Harley gets captured John seems to become really deranged spouting out how much he wants to get Harley back and even telling the group that they will have to rescue Harley. So perhaps making choices that will affect John will make his Joker similar to the comics or perhaps he might be more funny and like the animated series Joker or something like that. I mean the two universes are similar like Waller knowing Bruce is Batman. I mean having Cobblepot and Harvey being Bruce's friends is different. What I would like personally to make the series more impactful is have something happen to Alfred with his PTSD that he has in episode 1 I think it could lead to many outcomes perhaps he might react differently to Bruce after he returns from The Pact and sees him as Lady Arkham and then Bruce has to stop Alfred by either hurting him or trying to talk him down. Just my little idea of a emotional moment in the game.

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