Do you want to change your choice from episode 3?

Looking at the comparison between how what would have happened between destroying the forge to empowering it. I'm starting to regret destroying after seeing the difference of what happens in episode 5. By empowering the forge, Hala uses it to try and resurrect her people, albeit at the cost of millions of lives, and the end of it all, her son could try and turn their race around for the better. However, when you destroy the forge, she tries to kill as many people to keep herself alive. Honestly, when your trying to save your race or being a monster who has to survive killing others, it left me seeing if I should have empowered the forge instead of destroying it, since at the time, it would left Hala no real reason to pursue her plans to commit total genocide. What do you guys think is the better choice for the end of episode 3?


  • I hate to admit it, but in the end, empowering the forge turned out to be an objectively better choice in every way.
    Not only do you get to minimise the casualties,but you can also make peace with your enemies and resurrect mom (or someone else).
    I'm really surprised by the lack of any negative consequences the player faces in the end if the forge is empowered.
    It even gets destroyed right after Peter uses it, so all the risk of "getting an important relic into the wrong hands" is obsolete.

  • Deep down I knew that empowering the forge would be a better narrative choice. The game was really pushing you to empower it, and although they tried their best to make destroying it a cool route, empowering is way better

  • My original choice was empowering the forget. I will probably go another "good" run with empowered forge. But is it much worse? Not really. Yes, you have less options but in my opinion it is closer to, let's call it core path in game, at least for me. Empowering is more like happy end, but there are some pretty nice climatic scenes if you destroy the forge, in example Peter having his vision of bonefire and remembering his dying mom to be moment later confronted with dying Halaa who want to see her son, I mean you see similarity here. Also scene with Meredith when you have few minutes to talk with her and choose last song, this is more climatic to me than simply resurrecting her.

    So for me it is like that:
    1. Empowering - good ending, more choices, less climatic, less canon friendly, better ending if there will be S2.
    2. Destroying - bad ending, less choices, more climatic, more canon friendly, better ending if there is no S2.

  • When I first empowered the forge I regretted it so much. But by the finale I was so happy I did because now Bal- Dinn can lead the Kree peacefully and I had the chance to revive Peters mom. Although I was super close to reviving Drax’s daughter.

  • Not enough to play the game again.

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