Guardians patch download regular game isntaller instead!

Hi there,

I wanted to play episode 5 but before i could do that i needed to reinstall the game (from telltale website).
After installing i got the Check for DLC freeze (it's still not resolved seriously ?) so i disconnect from the internet restarted the game, while in game menu i reconnected to the internet and got the " YOU MUST INSTALL a critical patch" message so i clicked OK.
A web browser window poped up and started to download a 3.7gig file, after the file was downloaded i wanted to install the patch BUT, what was downloaded was not a patch but the FRICKING game installer...
I checked the web and this forum for a additional link to the critical patch also i re do al stepps discribed above but everytime i click on Ok when i get the patch message i keep on downloading the fing game installer (which i also downloaded 3 hours ago and installed 30 min ago because of the great download speed of the telltale servers...).. Any way still can't play the game even with episode 4 and 5 installed because of the fricking critical patch massage, every time i try to start the episode the patch message show up and kicks me back to the web browser to download the game isntaller instead of the patch... then i'm back in the main menu..... anyone got any solution ?


  • I get the same thing, the telltale installer is a bucket of turds - I spend more time just trying to get each and every episode working rather than playing. I hate Telltale so much for ruining the overall experience of Guardians. Honestly just how badly this "works" ruins everything and makes it impossible to enjoy. You had one job installer and update guys and you stuffed it up so badly. I own every Telltale adventure and I've never experienced anything like the absolute hot garbage dumpster fire mess that is the CHECK FOR DLC FREEZE IN EACH AND EVERY EPISODE. I hope the morons that are responsible for this bug were some of those let go from the studio recently because this bug is beyond excuses. It breaks the game every time you just want to play the thing you paid the money for. It ruins what is supposed to be enjoyment and it is widespread enough that by now one of you turkeys should have figured out what causes it.

    Thanks for nothing jerks. To all the creatives who made the actual game I'm sorry but the technical people have stuffed up all your hard work for a percentage of players who just wanted to enjoy your hard work.

    To the above commenter, I found that when I got booted to the "critical patch" I found I could click the game and grab ep 5, no idea if it will work or if I'll get caught in the same merry-go-round as you. FINGERS CROSSED I CAN PLAY THE THING I PAID THE MONEY FOR!! AMIRITE? (probably have to go find a pirated version just so I can finish my playthrough, wouldn't that be ironic).

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