Your overall rating of GotG Telltale and likes/dislikes (*SPOILERS*)

Ok so first of all, lets make it clear. Post here only if you finished all 5 episodes. I don't like to see countless posts like "I was bored after 30 sec so I rated it 1/10. Pros: none, Cons: boring".

So rating scale is 1-10, can be with halfes like 8.5

So for me 8.5/10.

What I liked:
*Learning more about guardians.
*Seeing memories of guardians, and being able to play as them for short time.
*State of galaxy, and state of guardians + description of each guardian tabs.
*Music and how it fits action sequences.
*Humor was great for me. A lot of ppl disliked it and I must agree with certain missed jokes, but for example I like Peter thinking he is funny but team reacting with dissapointment to this as they know how stupid he is. Also Drax. And I think humor were better near the end of season.
*Voice actors, specifically Nolan North as Rocket. But all for me were good.
*A lot of combinations, I am still figuring out how this works with some other ppl. I am yet to see all guardians (except Groot) on blue tab at the end.
*I liked something a lot of ppl don't like. It is that GotG telltale is not about efforts to bring down hardcore villain, but more about exploring team, their problems and interacting with them. So because of that I really liked Halaa last action sequence in ep5, where it seemed easy (but note, it was 5v1) but it was only because all guardians cooperated almost perfectly.
*I liked sad ending with forge destroyed when you got 1 last moment with Meredith and can choose song which will play to the end. I think it was more canon and climatic than bring back Meredith or someone else.
*Even if what I said above is true, I like that there is actual choice to bring someone back if you empowered the forge. Most games would probably not give you chance like that.
*Mirror scene of mother - son, with Peter - Halaa at the end if you destroyed the forge. And I don't have feelings that it was forced (some ppl do).
*Guardians opening up to you when alone so you can see how they truly feel. Like when you go after them in ep5.

What I disliked:
*Groot and Mantis leaving at the end of ep4, then suddenly appearing at the start of ep5, it destroyed a lot for me, they were sadly gone, and now after 15 min everything is all right, huge dissapointment for me. Other missing team members were also too easy to get back.
*Drax heroically sacrificed himself? Nope, he is alive. Meaning his sacrifice was kinda meaningless.
*Empowering the forge has given you more choices and more interesting ones. Destroying forge path was more climatic, but lacking content.
*Huge impact for 1 single decission at the end of ep4 (Drax sacrifice).
*No matter how bad dialogues you choose, you still get team easily at the end. You can treat guardians like pice of trash and they still be cool later.
*Rushed ep5. There should be like 1 episode for getting guardians back, and one for final fight and ending.

I might add more to this, but for now its all I can remember. Overall I can ignore most cons :)


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    8/10. Very solid season that pretty much got better and better with each episode (Episode 5's last act was incredible at least). Although I thought the pacing was ridiculously slow compared to previous telltale series I think it worked as the character development and interactions are some of the best we've seen yet from Telltale. Not as funny as I was hoping, but also wasn't expecting how emotional the series can get. Its clear this series was made with a lot of love and it truly shows whether through quiet scenes or breakneck action setpieces with rocking tunes. I would totally play a season 2.

  • 10 OUTA 10! My favorite series telltale has made. The music they included in specific situations blew my mind, But not only that, But in my opinion, it had the best music of a telltale game! Including the idea's they brainstormed, They made the game play awesome! They also made moments funny, Like this one part where Rocket said "Is this gonna be another spill of mumbo jumbo like Thanos? 'I'm gonna roll through the galaxy like a giant turd! Blah blah blah'". I only have 1 dislike. I played episode 2 the first time, And then the second, i cant get past the part where Mantis is talking on the table. But that's just glitch. Like i said, This is probably my favorite telltale series!

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    Third favorite TellTale game. Only Wolf and the Batman series tops it for me.

  • Like:

    Mantis is absolutely adorable
    Rocket is cool
    Drax is cool


    How everyone hates you for not allowing Drax to sacrifice himself because you "rob him of his purpose", well, what if I dont want you to die? what if youre more than just a warrior to me? good friend? trusted pal? that apparently doesnt matter at all

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    Rating: 7/10
    -Good emotional scenes
    -Interesting characters
    -More "puzzles"
    -Plot's focus around loss was interesting.
    -Some of the voice acting: Nolan North did a great job as Rocket.

    -Hala was underdeveloped and one-dimensional.
    -Felt like the Eternity Forge was not the most compelling plot device.
    -Other Guardians do not seem to change their relationship, whether you are nice or horrible to them.
    -Episode 5's events were way too quick. Episode 5 should have been dedicated to gathering the guardians back together, and then episode 6 for Hala. That or the guardians should have fractured completely around Episode 3.
    -Episode 4 felt kind of weak (You spend the entire episode in a rock pit and getting out of a monster).
    -Some of the other voice acting: Peter Quill's VA was pretty mediocre in my opinion. Sounded kind of flat.
    Would I buy Season 2? If it was on sale, probably. Full price? Not sure.

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    6.5/10 it wasn't all bad and I can't say I never laugh or was never interested but just as with other recent Telltale games I'm just not as engaged as I was with TFtB or even GoT
    Solid villain (until I destroyed the forge and she just kinda became a growling monster.)
    Additions of Mantis and Nebula really did a lot for the comedy and team dynamics
    Taking every opportunity to shit on Rocket.
    Episode 3 in general was really strong
    Hubs were nice
    Music montages were strong

    Hit or miss comedy (very cringe when it misses)
    No real choices after destroying the forge
    Cocktease romance with Gamora
    Promise of cool sequences only to not deliver (still butthurt over the damn suicide mission scene.)
    Who stays being dependent on ONE choice, I just got lucky the one I always sided with stayed since I almost let Drax sacrifice himself, if Rocket stayed after all the shit I put him through I would give the game a 5
    Rocket comes back way too easy
    Anticlimactic ending and final fight (remember when Hala killed Starlord in seconds back in ep 1?)

  • 6/10


    • Cool characters
    • Engine worked well and visuals were good
    • They drank a lot
    • Flashbacks for each character
    • Rocket and Drax's voice actor


    • Who stays and leaves the Guardians boils down to one choice, despite you building/breaking relationships throughout the entire season
    • Choice to resurrect someone was horribly rushed, you don't even get to talk to the person you revived unless it was Peter's mom
    • Hub areas were really, really slow and boring
    • The whole universe didn't feel very cohesive. Felt like we were either at Nowhere(?) or some random alien cave, there was no in-between.
    • Choices really didn't matter as much as people say.
    • Nobody wanted a GotG game, should have focused on existing franchises like TWD and GoT
  • You put way too much effort into the point system for a game you're only giving a 6.5

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    Rating: 7/10 Like: -Humorous -Good emotional scenes -Interesting characters -More "puzzles" -Plot's focus around loss was interesting.

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    Fair point. I change my score to a 7. I'm mostly fascinated with the point system though because I am a huge math nerd.

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    You put way too much effort into the point system for a game you're only giving a 6.5

  • Overall Rating: 4/10

    I cannot for the life of me see what others apparently see in this game. This game is a trainwreck, with only a few things keeping it from being the worst post 2012 Telltale game (which is still "steaming pile of shit that no one gave a fuck about because it would make money anyway" aka "The Walking Dead: A New Frontier")

    The Good:

    • Likeable Characters (after a while). Despite my initial dislike of all of them, the Guardians did grow on me as the story progressed. This is mostly because they're carbon copies of the movie versions of the characters, but this isn't a bad thing for me, weirdly enough. I liked them at the end of the Season and was heartbroken when Drax "died" (though fuck you for leaving despite me siding with you on almost everything, Gamora), that's all that matters.

    • Pretty Good Graphics (for a Telltale game). Telltale has come a long way since 2005, or even 2012 for that matter, and the graphics are at least acceptable now. I also had only a few technical issues, most of them during the rushed finale, which is also a stepup.

    • Great Episode Length. Most episodes had a good length, despite their horrible pacing (see later). They weren't too long to make you bored and not too short to make you angry.

    • Nebula. She deserves a paragraph of her own, because I feel like Tellale actually put a lot of effort into her character and made her the star of the show for me. Her death was sad, her betrayal almost sadder in a way. One of the truly great things this Season did, and it makes me mad that this is clearly the one character Telltale tried to be a little original with, because they succeeded. Had they paid the same level of attention to the story and the Guardians, this game could have been great, but as it is Nebula is more of a ray of sunlight.

    The Meh:

    • Mediocre Voice Acting. I found it very disappointing for such a talented cast. It had its moments, but wasn't nearly as good as I expected.

    • Unfitting Score. A very weird choice of 70s music, with "Living Thing" and "Dancing in the Moonlight" the only ones I even knew (fair enough, maybe I'm just ignorant). They'd have been better off using the actual songs the titles suggested, the ones that people actually love and remember from that time period. Obviously they tried to be like the movies, but it didn't work for me because the music just wasn't anything special. Like chosing Jordan Knight's "Give it to you" to represent the 90s. Ever even heard of that guy? Me neither. Oh, and the Original Score is completely forgettable action music shit, not going to make excuses for it just because I usually like Jared Emerson-Johnson. The only reason this isn't under "Bad" is that, at the very least, the choreography worked well with the songs and they were usually fun to play.

    • Pretty Obvious Cash-In. Not necessarily a bad thing, especially considering how most of Telltale's post 2012 games are technically only chosen because they're likely to make bank (Minecraft, TWD sequels/spin offs, Game of Thrones, Batman etc.), but at least these games usually try to do something unique with the source material. GOTG does no such thing (see later).

    • Too Many Easy Choices (but also some good ones). Most of the choices in this game (that I remember, at least) were "in the moment" choices that you could tell wouldn't have a big impact later on and that were fairly easy to make as a result. This has become a problem for most of Telltale's recent games. Nonetheless, there were some genuinely hard choices that hurt, and that's great, chief among them the Forge choice. It made me think and having to decide made me cringe. The Drax choice was also hard, but rendered useless the very next Episode. The choices were better than the ones in ANF, but had nothing on Batman or Game of Thrones, or even Tales from the Borderlands.

    • Sequel Baiting. The only reason I don't really consider this bad is that it was fairly obvious from the start and has become a sort of Marvel trademark. Still, shameless Season 2 baiting is shameless.

    The Bad:

    • Unoriginal Story. Unlike Batman, which tries (and succeeds) in being fresh and innovative with a stale concept/superhero, GOTG has almost no originality. It feels like watching a downgraded version of both movies mashed together with some slight changes here and there, and the story of the movies wasn't all that special to begin with.

    • Bad Humor. I realize this is highly subjective, but I found this game's attempts at humor downright cringeworthy most of the time. It was rarely hit, mostly miss. Towards the end of the Season it got slightly funnier, the last two Episodes had some genuinely funny moments, but they're not enough to make up for all the shitty and unfunny one-liners and almost uncomfortable moments where you're clearly supposed to laugh (pauses in dialogue etc.), but just don't because it's not funny.

    • Forced Drama. Telltale can do better than this. At the slightest (sometimes imagined!) provocation, the Guardians decide to either throw a tantrum or fuck off. All of them have some clicheé mommy/daddy/love interest issues. The Guardians of the Galaxy act like a bunch of teenagers whenever there's some conflict, but it's not even the good kind of tantrum throwing that you'd expect from a bunch of misfits like them, just childish. Unbelievably lazy writing.

    • Horrible Pacing. At times the game is way too slow, at other times the Guardians are randomly jumping across half the galaxy in a matter of seconds, only to stay at that location for a short time, and as a result the game feels disjointed and crudely slapped together.

    • Rushed Finale. Episode 5 was rushed, and it shows. I had quite a few technical issues during my one playthrough, but that's not my main issue. Most of the story didn't make any sense at all. Peter's mind scene, what the actual fuck? Can you be any cheaper and any more obvious that you have no idea how to conclude this mess of a Season? Then the Guardians just join you again, no matter how much they hated you previously and how much of a POS you were. And then Telltale builds up to this gigantic suicide mission that ends up being a bunch of different lines while Peter floats in space. WHAT. THE FUCK. I guess the revive choice is pretty good, but we all know how it will be handled in the inevitable sequel.

    • Terrible Villainess. Honestly, I couldn't give less of a shit that Hala the Accuser is underused in the GOTG universe. If anything, I can see why. She's a horrible stereotype villainess and even Thanos would have made for a more interesting adversary, despite being pretty much the Bowser of Marvel.

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    My score is 9/10

    • Humour was good
    • Nolan North did a awesome job playing Rocket
    •Getting to know the Guardians and interacting with them
    • Music is well chosen for the series
    • Quick time events in combat is great
    • Guardians past storys is good and emotional which makes me feel bad about the Guardians themselves.
    • Guardians relationship between each other is good
    • Episodes 1 2 4 5 and good lengths


    • the game can have a bit of hippcups
    • episode three has a couple of bugs/glitches but can be fixed by restarting the console
    • episode 3 was short than the others

    Peter is cool and cocky
    Rocket is Awesome and a Smartass
    Gamora is strong and badass
    Drax is a beast when he kills thing in his way
    Groot is cool and funny

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