Possible outcome and sided with is *Glitched* Episode 5

I think the outcome and sided with is glitched like for me I always get Rocket = 66 which I'm supposed to get 83% and Gamora = 75 and Drax sometimes getting an 40% or 60% and I can't get all guardians on blue like I only have Peter and rocket on blue but gamora and Drax are always on purple. I checked on how many choices each guardians have and still confused about it. What do you think about this??


  • I am trying to figure this out also. The clarification from Telltale would be the best if we are missing something or if this is bugged.

    Here it is video which I found with everyone on blue:

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    As of right now, I have 3 sets of data for all decisions from Episode 1 to Episode 4 and 7 sets of data from Episode 1 to Episode 4 pertaining to 'logical' choices. For any one set of data, there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of ways Rocket, Drax, and Gamora can interpret a decision and still get the needed score out of their total decisions. The total number of outcomes, if purely logical decisions were just in play would be 2^11 = 4096. If every single decision can actually have an effect, then it would be 2^20 = 1048576 outcomes. Those are both overestimates to some degree, as some decisions are practically the same due to the properties of symmetry. Since my purely logical model with corrections does not seem to hold for all 7 data sets I have, I am going the Brute Force route to see if I can get a consistent number of decisions that matter for each character. By that I mean there are a consistent set of decisions that have no effect on that character's relationship to Peter. For example, if I was analyzing Drax, I would be looking for ways to interpret the data set such that for all possible ways for each game there are at least 15 decisions that are all '0'(No effect) for each answer. Based on that, I can determine which decisions actually matter and how they matter. Either telltale has one of the most confusing scoring systems in existence or it is bugged in a very absurd way. Perhaps if I can find a way that will work for all 7 sets of data then I can intuit the decisions for all possible sets of data.

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