One small thing (Episode 203 Spoilers)

Mod edit: Episode 203 Spoilers:

If you do the right choices, you can end on the rooftop with Selina. What happens if you tell her "Don't you dare talk about him!" when she talks bout mah homie harvey. Just for my curiousity.


  • Sp-sp-sp-spoilers, bruh!

  • Not really. I just mentioned a rooftop and a dialogue choice.

  • I guess I can allow it then.. but as someone who has neither played nor seen the episode yet, everything is a big spoiler.

    Dan10 posted: »

    Not really. I just mentioned a rooftop and a dialogue choice.

  • Technically a spoiler, but not really a big one so I don't feel spoiled.

  • I added a spoiler tag to the OP's post. As a friendly reminder, it helps to include spoiler warnings and more descriptive thread titles when posting about spoilers. (If you mention super specific spoilers, you can also use asterisks to hide them, or vague allusions to spoilery content.)

    Thanks. :)



  • Bruce gets mad and basically grills Selina for using Harvey. Selina then admits regretting what she did to Harvey.

  • My man if you want the answer so badly, why don't you create another save and replay the episode up to that point? Would take you considerably less time than waiting for someone to pick that specific choice.

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