[Episode 3 Spoilers] Will we be Given the Choice to...

Kill John in the future? Not sure how many players here are comic fans, but episode 3 makes some subtle references to Alan Moore's the Killing Joke and Jim Starlin's Death in the Family. Specifically John's decision to change outfits for the trip, and the fact that he's revealed he likes wielding a crowbar. For anyone who doesn't mind being spoiled regarding the comics, in Death in the Family Joker beats Jason Todd to death with a crowbar. In The Killing Joke he changes outfits, donning a Hawaiian style tourist shirt, and shoots Barbara Gordon, crippling her. He also kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and tortures him. But the big thing about The Killing Joke is it was originally meant to just be a non-canon one-shot from Moore, and on the final panel it's implied that Batman snaps the Joker's neck after he tells a joke and they both begin laughing maniacally (hence, the killing joke). The idea behind The Killing Joke was it just took one bad day for someone to finally lose it. According to the thumbnails for the next episodes, something is going to happen that will send John on a collision course with Batman. John also tells Batman the line "hope to die", this could just be dialogue, or it could be foreshadowing. Waller has also mentioned that Batman will have to throw away his code if he wants to stop The Pact.



  • Yeah, i was thinking about that too and after your analysis it makes more sense than ever. Telltale likes to play with what's the most important to Batman. It was his family in the fist season and this season it can be his code. His last big decision was about his identity, this time it can be about his inner identity and his cornerstone rule against killing. I can definitely see Joe doing something to someone he loves and bruce just losing it. I dont want to see it but hey its telltale :D

  • There is definitely gonna be heartbreak by the end of the season, what with Selina being back (and probably taking off again at some point T.T please stay), becoming more attached to the Pact (although I probably just fucked that by being ousted as the mole), the conflict between Waller and Gordon, as well as Gordons desparate attempts to prove himself (arresting Bruce), and I really hope Alfred can get a free pass this time around, and what about Tiffany?

    Yeah, i was thinking about that too and after your analysis it makes more sense than ever. Telltale likes to play with what's the most impor

  • John is so beloved that they would need him to pull off some really, really evil shit to get even a third of players to take that option. Right now he is more mentally ill than downright evil, killing someone like that wouldn't sit right with me.

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