Should I buy this?

I had thought about buying Season 2 of Minecraft. But I would like to know your opinion. How does this season compare to Season 1? Is it better? What has been improved upon?


  • Graphics (along art style) are improved quit alot. (Particularly shadows and lightning). Worth to mention that the soundtracks are ridiculously good.

    Gameplay has evolved significantly and there is boss fights!

    The Story is fine on paper but its more about the hole execution. It's filled with surprises that can catch you of guard and for once makes you feel like the world does not circle around the protagonist but becuase of what the protagonist do.

    Characters: Alot of Petra, very little of Axel and Olivia , not that much of Lucas(Voice actor was very bissy). New characters are a breath of fresh air. Oh and then there is the Lama. She is awesome. Worth to mention that Petra is the best character this season. Amazing writing.

    Choices: Easily this seasons strongest strenght. Once choices has more of an impact on the story and is not allways about saving one or another.

    So obviously yes buy this game :D. There is so much to like about this season and you will have a great time.

  • episode 1 is kinda laid back, episode 2, kinda raises the bar, but then episode 3 comes and it seems like a boring episode, but everything halfway through episode 3, things hit REALLY hard. episode 4 is almost the same thing, but a little more heartwarming. the graphics are amazing, choices have an impact, small or large, a lot less bugs, and everything overall is amazing.

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