Having trouble deciding.......[Spoilers from Episode 3]

If anyone who has played Guardians of the Galaxy fully can you please tell whether I should destroy or empower the eternity forge, I was thinking of destroying it since that seemed the best choice so what is the best choice. I heard empowering it will bring back a dead character back to life, but i also heard that the team will be divided depending on the decision, so what is the best decision where there is a positive outcome, I am in episode 3 so please no spoilers, thanks



  • Empowering the forge is better story wise. It is the decision that I feel like Telltale sort of wanted you to make. The team will be divided no matter if you empower or destroy, but if you want more content and more cinematic scenes then I would empower

  • ok thanks appreciate it

  • Any other comments are also appreciated, though I have chosen to empower and all and i feel like it was a better decision, I'll see in episode 4 and 5 now

  • Empower = more content, happier end
    Destroy = more dramatic, sadder ending

    But for me destroying ismore canon choice. I really liked last emotional scene in that case.

    You can always do another run from ep3 onward.

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