New bug, can't start episode 2 and 3

Hi, finally i doesn't have the checking for dlc bug anymore. I played episode 5 and started a new game after to play a second round. Today i ended episode 1 and wanted to start episode 2, but nothing happens. It only show the loading symbol. With episode 3 its the same. Only episode 4 and 5 will start. I reinstalled the game, but it doesn't help. I played every Telltale game, but Gotg makes me sad. Did anyone have the same problem?


  • Ok, i have my old savegamefolder from the checking for dlc bug, i activated this folder, there are just episode 1 to 3 downloaded, but there episode 2 starts. I think i start a new game with this again and download episode 4 and 5 again with this savegamefolder. WTF O.o

  • edited November 2017

    I put the data from the new savegamefolder in the old folder, now i can play episode 2 again.

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