The Qualities of Guardians of the Galaxy

So I am going to buy Guardians of The Galaxy for Christmas. I was wondering if you guys could provide some information on the game.
What is the gameplay like?
Are the graphics good?
Please list some of the qualities of the game.
please do not include spoilers


  • It all depends what are you expecting and what you like.

    Graphic was OK for telltale. Animations were lacking tho.

    What I liked about GotG:
    -music and how it is often combined with something I would call "main action sequence" in each episode
    -exploring personal stories of each guardians and learning about them and their problems
    -humor, in first episodes there are often "misses" in that, but its getting better near the end; and one thing to note, at least for me there were more humor resulting from dumb choices than straight up to your face, playing dumb and selfish Peter was pretty fun :P
    -GotG is rather humorous and light but in all of these there are some nicely added emotional scenes
    -Nebula story which is different from the movie and really well done
    -some choices actually matter, and I am glad that biggest one in S1 have big impact on finale

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