Scooters death,your opinion?

So I was just thinking about scooter in ep4 and man I think they shouldn’t of killed scooter off bc he was an awesome character and had a huge heart,what’s your thoughts?


  • He was a fun character going back to the original Borderlands, but I don't think it's game breaking for him to die. Emotional scenes were needed toward the end of this game.

  • Honestly it got a couple tears outta me. Maybe its because I used to play the BL series religiously, but I dunno. The hologram bit where you could pick "catch-a-ride" really got me. That said, after that they just kinda slingshot you back into jokes which felt out of place, being timed so soon after his death IMO.

  • I thought they gave Scooter a great sendoff. For stories sake they needed to have a death and scooter was the most expendable out of the "good guys"

  • He died because he was awesome and had a huge heart. Nice people don't make it in that world, mate. That's life.

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