Jurassic World 2 Official Trailer

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    As I said in The Whatever's on Your Mind Mehathread
    The teaser trailers looked way better than the actual trailer. They added more dinosaurs which is good (I'm tired of seein T-rex every movie) but I'm afraid that these new dinos will be there just for seconds, I mean, look at that Rexy scene, I really hope that this scene won't be in the movie because it look so cheap (by cheap I mean that it looked like it was from some fanfic) also they spoiled the surprise for many fans, including me(although I haven't read the books), they showed us Carnotaurus, the horned "T-rex" dino that fans really wanted to see... In the first trailer. But enough of complaints, I'm really looking forward to see Baryonyx(It's this dinosaur from the...sewer) in the third movie I loved Spinosaurus(I still love that animal) so I hope that Baryonyx is not in this movie just to be killed by Rexy to make the fanbase happy( I'm talking about those who weren't "happy" about Spinosaurus killing T-rex)

  • You're talking about me. It's a generational thing. Tyrannosaurus Rex was the KING when I was growing up. Nothing beats her.

    I liked the trailer and what they're going for. Of the sequels, it probably has the best reason for existing. I'm hyped.

  • It seemed as if it gave a lot more away then it should have, but it was a pretty good trailer especially with Jeff Goldblum appearing in it.

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