If You Where To Be In ANY Telltale World What Would It Be

That World Would Consist Of The Same Characters Just With You In It. I Would Want To Be In Tales From The Borderlands. :D



  • The Walking Dead world, I wanna see how long I'd survive :trollface:

  • Walking dead, I wanna cut off some heads

  • Minecraft would be a fun world to be in. I mean what could be better then a world that you basically just go on adventures all the time. Also, the walking dead. I've never played any of the games, but I love the tv show. ( oh, Carl we will miss you!?) But anyways ?,
    In both of these worlds I could fight zombies, that would be awesome!

  • Game of Thrones

  • Whichever one I'm least likely to die in.

    (BTTF, Guardians, Minecraft)

  • Minecraft can be a pretty dangerous world. There enderman, creepers, super charged creepers, withers, witches, and don't forget about griefers.

  • If I get to be a fable: The Wolf Among Us

    otherwise: The Walking Dead because I am bored

  • tftb because lawless planet

  • The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.

  • Easy Fable. My life would still be the same but I would be a werewolf :)

  • Minecraft. Cartoonish and fun, yet adventurous and dangerous.

  • I would probably want to be in the world of Wolf Among Us, due to how mystical it was.

  • Which one am I less likely to get horribly murdered in? Even Minecraft has its fair share of death.

  • Batman. It's a world i'm very familiar with.

  • GOT. Ironic (?) that I'm posting this on the interwebs site, but I'd like to live before this sort of technology existed. I'd definitely want to live somewhere warm, though.

  • I'll weigh in now that I've played at least one game in every universe except MCSM, GOTG and GOT. Plus, I was reminded that this existed. ^
    I'd say WAU, even though we'd be completely in the dark about everything unless someone slipped up. I find myself pretty accepting of crazy though, so I'm in.

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