Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Game "The 7th Stand User"

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Let me start by saying that I've been a fan of TellTale Games since Tales From The Borderlands and the Poker Night Series.

With that said, I'd like to share a fan game with my fellow interactive fiction fans based on one of my all time favorite anime (and manga) series of all time, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

As you can tell from the title of this discussion, the fan-game is called "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User" by Clayman (I don't know the name of who did the English Translation, thought. sorry). It was made in one of the RPG Maker Engines (I think it was RPG Maker 2000, But I could be wrong...) and as the name suggest, you play as an unofficial seventh member of the Stardust Crusaders from part 3 of Jojo, and depending on the choices you make in the pre-game personality quiz, your character is given a special power called a Stand based on your answers. And so in honor of the upcoming fan-made sequel "Fate Is Unbreakable" I've decided to share this game with the TellTale community.

Here's a link to the latest version :

I hope you like this fan-game, and if anyone from TellTale Games sees this, I hope this gives you an idea for a new Series (Hint Hint), but if you guys do take my advice, PLEASE! Give your version of The 7th Stand User multiple endings! I will be so happy if you did. Thank You!

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