Did you leave romeo? (me: yes)
Did you leave Beacontown? (me: yes, I trust Radar and Lukas with BTown)



  • No I diden't leave Romeo to die and yes I left Beacontown to go adventuring with Petra.

  • No i didn't leave him. Everyone deserves a second chance.
    I left with Petra.

  • I couldn't bring myself to leave him and i left with Petra, my Jesse will miss her Lukas though

  • I've said to myself ever since Episode 2 that if I had the choice to let Romeo die; I'd take it in a heartbeat. Now that the option was actually handed to us on a silver platter I couldn't bring myself to actually let him die. Was it just me whos emotions went all twisted when that choice came up?

  • I didn't leave Romeo in the terminal, and as always, I trust Radar, so I left him in charge.

  • I took Romeo with. Cool thing is if in episode 4 you leave Radar and take Romeo Radar will save you from the colossus. If you take Radar Romeo will sacrifice himself and is most likely dead afterwards. Don’t know what happens if you bring Radar and leave Romeo though. And I went with Petra in the end.

  • I brought Romeo because i was playing with my son and he has a good heart. I went with Petra because I had promised her, and if this series is truly ending I want to believe that Petra and Jesse lived happily ever after.

  • Wait, really? That's awesome! I love when choices have an unseen effect like that!

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    I took Romeo with. Cool thing is if in episode 4 you leave Radar and take Romeo Radar will save you from the colossus. If you take Radar Rom

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    I chose to Save Romeo because an enemy has to still be a threat or be complete heartless before I'll abandon them. I also find it more interesting to spare and save antagonists. I also liked Romeo's character too much to leave him to die.

    I chose to Stay in Beacontown even though I trusted Radar and Lukas to handle things there. It just wasn't in my Jesse's cards to go with Petra on a journey like that. I like to headcanon that she instead went to the Underneath with Lluna to help Romeo on his quest of redemption and keep him from getting killed by the justifiably angry survivors and Xara. It fits better with the character development she saw this season and the relationship changes that happened.

  • I always wanted to end Romeo but after he lost his powers, I felt bad and I just couldn’t do it so I brought him, I stayed in beacon town

  • I brought Romeo with me, I figured he wasn't a threat anymore with out his powers. I went with Petra there's was no way I wasn't going with her. I Just wish Lukas came too.?

  • Never wanted to end Romeo's life since he just seems like a scared little boy, and now with his powers stripped that seems just about right. I think he got off a bit too much considering he did murder someone but eh.

  • Saved Romeo, went with Petra.

  • I saved Romeo cause no matter what, Jesse is the hero and heroes will always try to find ways to save their enemies, (Well not always for certain comics, tv series or movies but you know.) And I chose to stay in Beacontown because this is just me but Jesse's story is over and her (My Jesse's a 'she' XD) journey is over so she deserves to relax now. But who knows, if Season 3 comes around, Jesse might either appear to be the hero again or we end up as a different character. As Ivor said in Season 1, "The possibilities are endless!"

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    I saved Romeo and left Beacontown.

    I felt Romeo needed some sort of punishment for what he did so decided to save him rather then let him die and get the easy way out, i left Beacontown as i felt Jesse could go on a new adventure with Petra.

  • I saved Romeo and he comes with me because he 4 episode choices. And I go with Petra too. #JETRA #Season3

    I think Romeo wants friends, because he does not have any. I do not know what's going to happen, but it's a good start for Season 3 ...

  • Something I really love about this season is that choices REALLY matter.

    In season 1 a lot of dialogue choices end up in the same way, and when choosing to save a character the overall story doesn't change (Petra/Gabriel, Magnus/Ellegaard, Lukas/Petra, Petra/Ivor), but in this season, especially the finale, every choice you made has a ramification wich changes the story in some way.


    If you give Xara her bed in episode 4, she won't try to attack Romeo and she won't die.

    If you saved Binta and the people from Fred's town, Radar will enter the terminal while escaping the giant enderman (what a long run!), and then the enderman will start attacking the collosus and Romeo goes with everyone to the portal.

    I don't remember more of these, so please remember me if there is more of these choices!

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