Thoughts on a Season 3

How do you think a Season 3 or DLC will work? I would really like more episodes. But who would be the new plot villain?

  • The admin was a technical god, Jesse defeating him makes me wonder what new villain could possibly pose more of a threat than a admin itself.
  • Jesse is as powerful as a admin since Romeos defeat. How could anyone/anything threaten them now?

MCSM's plots for each episode revolve around a villain. This has been like this since episode 1. So it makes me consider this.
I have my negative thoughts about telltale but they defiantly know how to create unique plots and ideas to continue a series. But how will they carry on from this, do you think?
Also a side thought, I hope Jesse finally gets a default outfit changed if new episodes are produced. Jesse has had the same default outfit since episode 1, when every other main character (Petra, Lukas, Olivia, Axel,) has their default skin updated. It just seems strange after all these confirmed years jesse still looks the same. I think it's time for a upgrade.

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