Season 2 Episode 5 is not working with PS4 EU retail disc

Episode 5 for Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 is released, but something has gone wrong at EU PSN with the disc/retail version. From the games menu you can download the episode, which is also installed, but the episode is not unlocked in the game, so it keeps saying download episode and when checking "Installed add-ons" for the disc, it's not present there. Tried reinstalling the game and redownloading, nothing works.

Was able to download episode 2-4 fine. Episode 1 is on the disc.

I have also received an email, telling me the episode 5 game pack is linked to my account, but either the game needs a patch to understand episode 5 or they have uploaded something incorrectly to EU PSN, and it's properly the latter.



  • They must have fixed something serverside, because it's working now.

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