"Content Failed to Download" Seen During Episode Download

Saw the error "Content Failed to Download" while attempting to download an episode of the Telltale game series Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy [episode 3 to be exact].

After contacting support, was informed this error is known, and to continue attempting to redownload the episode, and it may take an undetermined number of attempts before the download would recommence. Pursued that resolution to no avail. Did some research into the issue -- appears Google has numerous results for the error. It's conjecture, albeit appears what's occurring in my scenario is that the file was attempting to download, the network hiccuped and the episode that was being downloaded [a file] became locked. Since the file was locked during the download process and the file isn't releasing said lock, the game can't complete the download nor estabilish the connection. The proposed resolution is likely to cause the system to analyse the lock then drop said lock. Since the proposed resolution wasn't working, went ahead and did some analysis on my system, looking through the files that may be related to the episodes. Found that albeit the game was setup to house on my secondary SSD [have two hard drives setup, one as a boot one for gaming storage] the Telltale infrastructure for episode downloads saves to the users primary hard drive in the location "C:\Users\YOUR_PC_NAME\Documents\Telltale\GAME_NAME". An example would be "C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Telltale Games\Guardians".


Option 1 [Tested]
Uninstall Guardians.
Delete the Guardians folder in "C:\Users\PC_NAME\Documents\Telltale Games\Guardians".
Reinstall Guardians.
Download all seasons.
Merry Christmas.

Option 2 [Untested]
Navigate to folder "C:\Users\PC_NAME\Documents\Telltale Games\Guardians".
Rename the folder "Net" to "Net_Backup".
Launch Guardians of the Galaxy game.
Redownload the episodes.
Merry Christmas.


  • Another tip --

    After uninstalling the game when finished playing Telltale games, may want to delete the Telltale game folder manually -- see the aforementioned Option 1 above. Uninstalling the game from your computer doesn't appear to remove the episodes file which is the bulk of the data for the game [~11 GB per game].

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