Peter and Mantis Romance in Season 2?

How do you guys feel about a romance between these two characters? I think it would be funny and cute to have them get together. Imagine if you chose the dirty thoughts option when you first met her and then she can be holding Peter's hand as they are walking through an area and she will turn to tell Peter something and Peter will look at her and smile and she respond by saying that he is thinking dirty thoughts just like the first time they met and if it is normal for humans to think like that. Just saying they can do so many funny things with this romance.



  • My Green skinned Waifu Gamora is the only woman for Peter plus you have the option to actually confess to Gamora. Pamora is destined to become a reality in season two and I like a woman who can kick some ass and mantis seems more like the damsel in distress type.

  • I am not a fan of Gamora, but I do like Mantis. So, yeah, absolutely.

  • Was actually thinking about that relationship since Mantis was introduced.

  • Yes please, Mantis is so cute, and her knowing other peoples feelings would make a fun dynamic

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