So... turns out there was a prequel comic series to this game.

I was recently browsing the web, and found this

So it turns out that this game had 5 comics that went along with it and I had no idea, they're really cheap so here they are if your interested.

Amazon, a physical copy is as cheap as a school lunch, and the physical copy may gain value due to their rarity. Same with the POPS.

I'd assume that because of the games sales they didn't print that many of these, and they just want to get them out of the warehouse

Also, if anyone from telltale like @mostlypoptarts is reading the thread, please keep making merch like this. It will definitely sell better if you use ip like Minecraft and The Walking Dead.


  • Oh right. I forgot about that! Thanks for pointing this out!

    I enjoyed the game, why not dive a bit deeper? (Hopefully this provides more context and reason for their chase of Thanos in EP1. As a novice to cosmic big bads like Thanos, I was kind of confused of how quick their encounter was. Lessened my expectations of him.)

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