Please Support Newer Devices On The Wolf Among Us

I’ve recently bought and iPad Pro 10.5 and IPhone 7 Plus, I’ve had issues since episode 2 which makes it unplayable for me due to ‘this choice is blank’ it should play like a dream on newer devices, but sadly alas no it doesn’t, can anyone please shed some light. I don’t want to ask Apple for a refund due to this problem, but I’ve tried everything from restarting, to reloading saves etc..It gets to a certain part at the beginning of episode 2 then it sticks ever so slightly barely unnoticeable and then lip-sync is way off it feels slowed down, then sped up and then ‘this choice is blank’ and I’m just guessing my way through it.

Please be warned if you haven’t played it, stay away from newer devices until telltale offer a patch or fix, people wanting to immersive themselves in the first season before tackling the second, should wait. I made the mistake of purchasing it on iOS, waiting and praying for a fix.


  • Ps. I’ve tried support, they keep giving me the same spiel of ‘we will look into it’ I’ve done all the steps they tell me to do and nothing works.

  • Please telltale staff any updates planned?

  • Telltale staff don't perform Support on the forums, so I would not count on any updates from Staff Members being posted here. I would recommend that you keep checking the Support pages or seeing if your game has been updated.

    [I am just a volunteer community moderator and not a Telltale staff member, so I am not able to assist you myself]

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    You should just contact Apple support and request a refund because the game is literally unplayable. I did this with an app because it refused to open and they gave me a refund.

    (I know you said you don't want to request a refund, but you should. Just re-purchase the game on console or PC).

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