Alfred future?

We see several times Alfred shaking, Selina told us that he isnt good, but nothing happen. I think something bad will happen to Alfred but i dont know what exactly. What do you think guys will happen to Alfred?
And, does anybody missing Alfred's "Never!" ?


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    I think he's been casually playing off nasty panic attacks, seeing as this happened right after the incident with Lady Arkham. I think something will happen to make it come to a head and we'll have to talk it over with him, but I doubt that his physical health is in much danger.

  • I'm rather hoping TellTale stays away from issuing any physical threats to Alfred this Season, mainly on the principle that it was done last season for an emotional provocation. I'd much rather see them explore the psychological side effects of what he's endured and the choices that you've also made in his regards. I do wonder if he wouldn't cross a line and kill someone as a knee jerk reaction to a threat or something along those lines.

  • At the end of episode 2 I got Alfred to have a "renewed sense of purpose" so I hope he is going to be okay.

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