How to Bitcoin Mine?

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Hi guys i have no idea about Bitcoin mining eventhough i've searched the internet. i've opened up a bitcoin wallet but i don't know how it works.

my first bitcoin software was nicehash.

Can you please guide me through a full walkthrough of it? thanks

1) By the way guys I'll only be using 1 GPU because i'm a beginner, i don't wanna invest much
at first. Do you have any idea how much i can earn in a day if i mine with my gpu for 8 hours a day? My gpu is a GTX1030 3gb.

2) Based on the 8 hours per day mining, how many years or months until my gpu finally dies out?

3) Will I be able to recover the cost of my GPU from mining? my GPUs cost was $300.00? if yes, how many months or years until i recover my GPUs cost based on the 8 hours a day mining?



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