It's the Brand New Telltale Community Discord! (Unofficial)

This is a great community, but because it's a forum everything is very formal. So, have you ever wanted to talk to fellow Telltale Fans informally and quickly? Well here's the telltale community discord! It's a near-complete discord I've made with emotes, ranks, and more all ready!

Here's the link

We would LOVE for some telltale employees and community moderators to join, so please join if your one of those! This is an AMAZING opportunity to increase brand loyalty and interact with fans, so it's a smart idea!

Here's a rundown of all the ranks

Pika-Me B)
Telltale Staff/Alumni- Telltale staff and former staff members
Telltale Moderator-A mod from the forums
Moderator-A moderator on the discord
Regular- Someone with a recognizable name on the forum, like someone that's well known in the forum.

We also have a music bot so you can jam to Bay Area Sound B)


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