episode 4 death?

in the trailer i saw a either dead or unconcious freeze get trapped behind doors while harley rolls through the doors barely escaping not gonna lie i think bane and freeze will die in sanctus by the lotus virus because by the look of the trailer some viles containing the virus smash so i reckon either both will die or we'll have a choice to save one.



  • i know bane will or can be defeated cause when bruce is holding alfred u can see a bane momento stand in the background.

  • I have a feeling Harley might betray Bane and Freeze and take the virus for herself. Freeze probably wants the virus to cure his wife and Bane wants it to make himself stronger.

  • I will save Freeze because I would help him cure his wife. Saw Bruce and Avesta seeing Riddler's body. Would like to end him at that point

  • I think Gordon is a fair candidate

  • Maybe Harley

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