Episode 4 Review and Choices *SPOILERS*


Wow! That Episode was great!
It went by really fast compared to other Episodes. This is setting up for an exciting Episode 5!!!

I will share my choices that I made during Episode 4 below.

I left Tiffany feeling Reflective.

I told her that Batman does not kill. However I told her that I have considered using a gun to fight crime however it would be wrong to use a weapon to fight crime.

I left Waller feeling Livid.

I owned up to my actions in the SANCTUS lab.
I also told her that the SANCTUS technology could be put to good use.
She was livid that I sided with John on the bridge.

I left Alfred feeling Proud.

I helped him up off the floor in the BatCave.
I also told him I could arrange for a private vacation for him. This made him cheerful.
And Alfred was proud of me when I advised Tiffany thoughtfully about Batman's code.

I left Tiffany feeling Gratified.
I learned that she informed Waller of Bruce's identity but I did not hold it against her.
She understood that although Bruce doesn't agree with the scare tactics that he performs while he is Batman, that it is necessary.
I showed concern and cautioned her about destroying Riddlers' blood.

I set John down the path of being a Vigilante.
I tried to help him in the subway. I avoided causing any harm to John.
I told John that I did use him although I showed John that I cared about him by seeking his help as he is my friend.
I allowed him to find Harley by himself. I did it to regain the trust John had in Bruce. Although John now believes that Batman will help him in his quest to "clean up Gotham"

I lowered the temperature in Mr. Freeze's airlock. I felt he deserved a fighting chance to fight the Lotus virus.

I trusted John to find Harley by himself.

The rest of the choices haven't appeared for me yet as I literally played it around one hour after it was released. I will update this list once I see the missing choices ? Feel free to share your choices below ?

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