(EPISODE 4 SPOILERS) Regarding ******** blood

I noticed that Riddler's blood in Episode 4 has been described to have a very similar effect to the Lazarus Pit from other Batman media. It heals physical wounds, but at the same time causes irreparable psychic damage and makes you go insane. Could this be Telltale's interpretation of Lazarus? This, in turn, actually adds some credibility to the "Avesta is Talia al Ghul" theory, because I have suspicion that even if Avesta really did destroy all the samples of Riddler's blood in The Agency's cold storage, she may have kept a vial or two for her own gains.

What are you thoughts?


  • Well not the blood by itself. Has to be mixed in with the virus and no Avesta is not Talia there's no resemblance or proof.

  • First Avesta theory I actually liked. Like in the end of episode 5 Avesta leaves the city with samples of Riddler`s blood and the virus, and there can be some hints at League of Assasins, hinting at Season 3.

  • Avesta is basicaly the only well dveloped character that came directly from Telltale, without any comic background. I highly doubt it that They would turn Her into just another DC character

  • Avesta is so goddamned sketchy and after this episode I am all but convinced she is Talia and that the season will end with a cliffhanger introduction to the League of Shadows

  • This episode has done nothing to make me feel less worried about Avesta. There's something about her that just seems as shady as Waller.

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